Anybody for any more?

Here are some ideas for possible new classes/courses that Maitreya Centre could perhaps offer in future:

  • Saturday meditation workshops in Hastings, similar to the successful range of such workshops run last year
  • short talks about pujas and why they can be useful to our meditation practice, plus introductions to specific pujas and a chance to practice them with some guidance
  • weekend lamrim retreats
  • day courses on specific Dharma subjects
  • lunchtime meditations, with perhaps a brunch included
  • more evening meditation classes
  • more afternoon meditation classes
  • talks and/or study sessions about specific meditation/Buddhist texts
  • week long meditation retreats with or without guidance, either on centre premises or elsewhere in the district
  • Question & Answer sessions on specific Dharma subjects, or about meditation techniques in general

The above is not meant to be an exhaustive or definitive list, but just a contribution to the discussion on what else the centre could offer in future. Any other ideas/suggestions are most welcome.


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