A new virtual meeting place for dharma study and practice

Welcome to this new site for Maitreya Buddhist Centre, a meditation centre that covers the Hastings and Bexhill conurbation and the surrounding district. This site is designed to be a place for informal discussion and debate about all matters relating to meditation and Buddhism,  and a forum in which ideas and suggestions about the courses and classes that the centre offers, or could offer, can be creatively explored in a supportive and friendly milieu. Contributions are welcome from anybody.


One Comment on “A new virtual meeting place for dharma study and practice”

  1. Sonam says:

    Dear Andy, I would like to add Dharma thoughts to your blog. I feel these will help me to develop my thoughts. My first one will be on the Three Doors of Liberation which I gained by reading the section in Edward Conze’s book ‘Buddhst Thought in India’ ed. 2002. My apologies to readers for the length and complexity of my contributions. I think in future I will use Twitter to add short thoughts to the internet! – Sonam

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