The 4th Door

The Fourth Door to Liberation is non-production (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Essence of Vajrayana). This door is not quoted in earlier texts. The 4th Door is that nothing has been produced, is produced, or ever will be produced. Produced here means arising from cause or produced from cause. Thus this Door could be called the cause-less.

Note, this does not refer to karma, i.e. something is produced or arises from karma. If things do not arise from karma, or from ordinary cause, then humans can say nothing about appearance other than it appears. And this is a dilemma for philosophers. Some advanced meditators, and Prasangika philosophers for example, say that things are just appearance, that is they are not related to cause, but only to conditions, or to nothing other than the mind.

How to practise this path of cause-less-ness? First we must overcome our normal, rational need for explanation – “This arose from that, or because of that!” Such logical statements are themselves descriptions of samsara. A person abandoning that need for explanation has overcome the first layer, gross samsara.

Should you choose to practise in this way expect to find your normal conversation no longer functioning. This is a result of deliberately seeking liberation. It is a conscious choice. Do I wish to practise liberation or remain functioning in samsara?

Next we must examine how the world interacts with me. First we can say, “The world arises from karma. My karma is to experience the world and the karma of people is to interact with me.” We have now changed our model of the world to a karmic one rather than to one based on ordinary explanation.  When this is firm you have overcome a subtle layer of samsara.

Finally we must abandon the opponent itself – ourselves. “If the world arises from its own causes and I experience my own causes, what remains? – I do. Only myself, the arising of my own awareness remains. This is me, definitive self.” When I realise that this has no cause other than myself, I am free.


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  1. maitreyaeditor2 says:

    Oh my goodness, this is very helpful indeed! wow what a thing to ponder…


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