Sayings of the mad Yogi – 3

Buddhists are Mad! If I were a Buddhist I’d be crazy!


I like to be different



3 Comments on “Sayings of the mad Yogi – 3”

  1. maitreyaeditor2 says:

    Hahahaha if I were a Buddhist I would be crazy aswell, luckily I am not. Still crazy though.

    Thank you, fantastic post!

  2. maitreyaeditor2 says:

    What makes Buddhists so crazy anyway? The fact that they are trying to seek sanity? :L

  3. andydharma says:

    Buddhists who think they are saner than non-Buddhists are indeed barking mad. Buddhists who think they have a guaranteed place in the Pure Land just by believing in their guru are not only mad but dangerously so. To overcome that madness, one must overcome ‘Buddhism’ as a view different to other views, because the Buddha taught a way beyond all views. And one must deal with the madness in one’s own mind that is still there whatever one believes in. Resting content with a belief, a faith, is a way of denying one’s own madness and is a distraction from the everyday business of practising mindfulness. And one must be especially mindful of one’s own beliefs, because the energies unleashed by beliefs transforming into blind faith and fundamentalism are potentially enormously destructive and non-virtuous. I know this to my great cost. But that is just my belief, so ignore my mad thoughts…

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