Dharma Thoughts

If everything in our lives is inherently wrong and keeps us bound to samsara what is the point of living? The point is it would be worse to die! Also we all have some merit or peaceful mind which we experience sometimes this is the seed of our potential for suffering to end and permanant peace. As long as we have this seed (which is Forever) we cannot say that we dont have a chance.


4 Comments on “Dharma Thoughts”

  1. beginner says:

    if there are no inherently existent phenomena then what is inherently wrong ?

    • DharmaForum says:

      Since there are no inherently existent phenomena there is no inherently existent wrong. No suffering, no causes of suffering …. Also no inherently wrong behaviour – so no punishment, no outrage. Which of us lives this life? Only the Yogi can live this life. The rest of us are bound by our perception of true existence and so practise conventionally. We sit down with our family, we eat with them. We tell them off. None of us is close enough to this space of ‘lacking true existence’ to make the claim we are anything other than ordinary and so – we must live with ordinary life, ordinary existence and get on with each other.

  2. dharmapractitioner says:

    I did not know how to answer this question. The reason I typed inherently wrong was merely to put emphasis on the fact that in Samara all things are wrong. Looking back I realize that I shouldn’t have put Inherently, sorry about that, my bad.

    • DharmaForum says:

      No, I think your use of ‘inherently wrong’ is fine. It has an ordinary use as well as a Prasangika Buddhist use. Indeed, Buddha’s original path and the first one he taught, I believe, is the teaching on sunya. Sunya and Dukkha are both words to attempt to describe to an ordinary mind how things in our life are ‘inherently wrong’. This path became known as Renunciation, but it is a fascinating one – there are others – in that the entire path is looking at how things are wrong.

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