Bodhicitta is the most wonderful thing there is. Without it our life is ordinary. Yet Bodhicitta is about other people, other beings. At its most rarefied it is a substance. At its essence it is empty, dreamlike. Yet when it begins it is born from love. It is a power, a power that liberates yourself. A power that frees others. Bodhicitta is pure, the essence of purity. It cannot harm. Nor is it easily overcome. It outlasts the world, but does not belong to anyone. Born from one person it pervades the world. It touches, heals and raises up. Buddhas are enlightened from it and Bodhisattvas are born from its wish. How lucky we are to have this amazing mind, this existence in the world. How fortunate that we have been taught of its existence.  A Blessed world where a Buddha has touched our mind with this most precious of gifts. Hail to the wonder of Bodhicitta.


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