Sayings of the Mad Yogi – 4

For the next teaching in a fortnight, I have chosen the subject Non-existent.

For those who want to, I have created a web-page they can visit.

If they go there, they will find I haven’t written anything.


5 Comments on “Sayings of the Mad Yogi – 4”

  1. Jon B says:

    so that’ll be a teaching on emptiness then ! 😉

  2. andydharma says:

    and a teaching on the emptiness of teachings about emptiness… 😉

  3. DharmaForum says:

    Actually, Non-existent refers to my fear of death. It has nothing to do with emptiness. It doesn’t matter to me whether things are existent or not – only whether I am aware, or alive. Non-existence terrifies me and it should terrify everyone else, but it doesn’t. Some even crave it, but they don’t, because their behaviour reflects a mind used to existence, only seeking abandonment of temporary pain.

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