In the interests of transparency and historical record, this page will hopefully eventually house most, if not all, of the documents relating to the collapse of Maitreya Buddhist Centre as a fully functioning, harmonious dharma community. The first lot of documents shown below relate to the first round of correspondence between the Charity Commission and the charity trustees of Maitreya Buddhist Centre, which took place in the period immediately after the first attempt by the NKT-IKBU to take over the administration of the centre, back at the beginning of March 2012. All names in the documents have been abbreviated to preserve privacy and to keep the focus on the constitutional and legal issues involved rather than the personalities. There has been a further round of correspondence between the Charity Commission and the management of Maitreya Centre, but the issues involved are still sub judice and will not be published at this time.


CC response to first submission of trustees

reply to CC ‘s first response to trustees

letter to Geshe-la regarding the dispute

offer of mediation

Refusal of John McBretney to mediate

letter to Sussex Police

4 Comments on “archives”

  1. beth says:

    ‘CC response to 1st’ comes up as corrupted.

    • andydharma says:

      Thanks. Hopefully problem has been cured now. I suspect some Charity Commission formatting had clashed with mine!

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